News 31st May 2014
by Massimo & Daniele

New version 14: tackles, headers, new AI, fixed player(s) control mode, zoom and rotation, training mode

News 5th June 2012
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta 0.77: tactics editor, three playback modes for the music of menus

News 1st January 2011
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta 0.76: custom cups, extra time, gettext language files

News 17th January 2010
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta 0.75: improved goalkeeper, better performance on old or less powerful hardware

News 9th May 2009
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta 0.74: bug fixing release

News 1st November 2006
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta 0.73: bench with substitutions, players positions and tactics switch, coach mode,
input device selector, template database

News 5th March 2006
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta 0.72: diy leagues, new stadium and crowd, weather effects, new national flags,
improved goalkeeper and 6 new kits thanks to the work of  Guido (Guh)

News 15th October 2005
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta 0.71: multiplatform (Windows + Linux + Mac OSX).
New and better hair cuts (more than 40, including Valderrama!).
Larger database (particular thanks to Ockham who made the whole CONMEBOL!)

News 6th December 2004
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta 0.70: team editor with player creation, copy & transfer, lot of new generic kits, custom kits, full screen / window option.

News 27th August 2004
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta 0.69: new animations for the golkeeper, new pre-match screen with kit selection.

News 26th October 2003
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta 0.68: new hair colors and cuts, new skin colors, new kit colors, 3D menu buttons, kick off.

News 21st September 2003
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta 0.67: mouse support, new benches.

News 14th September 2003
by all Team

New beta 0.66: YSoccer is now released under the GNU General Public Licence.

News 30th July 2003
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta 0.65: new team file format with up to 32 players, more colors, etc.
Database extended to include all FIFA federations. Thanks to Panagiotis, Stephan, Konrad, for helping in the tranlations!
Resolution 640x400 added. Statistics page renewed.

News 4th May 2003
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta version 0.64: the name of the scorer is now showed. Graphics of the score screen has been renewed.
The list of the scorers and the team's logo/flag have been added.
New goal's celebration sequences.

News 16th March 2003
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta version 0.63: player's nationality is visible by means of little flags.
New sub-menu for the configuration of controls. Friendly between national teams.
Menus now available in polish thanks to our friend Konrad Zalewski.
Goals have been completely renewed.

News 17th February 2003
by Massimo

New beta version 0.62: new menu in swos style. At present you find two submenus: options and friendly.
It is possible to play a friendly between any club teams of the database.
It is easy to add the logo of your favourite team, see how to in the readme file.
In the team menu new beautiful 3D stars and flags by Daniele have been added.

News 16th January 2003
by Massimo

New beta version 0.61: you can record the highlights of the match and watch them later.
It is possible to change the audio settings (commentary, crowd chants, volume of the sound effects) during the game.
The complete key list is in the readme file.

News 8th January 2003
by Massimo

New beta version 0.60: you can now select seven different pitch types, each one having his own friction and ball bounce characteristics.
Menus are now also available in greek language, thanks to the collaboration of our friend Panagiotis Zigouris.
Some changes to the goal keeper also, but very experimental yet.

News 2nd January 2003
by Massimo

New beta version 0.59: the three best skills are now displayed. For skills codes see the readme.htm.
Skills are shown in a decreasing value order. In case of equal values, the most important skills - in function of the player's type - are shown first.
Changed the wind vane.

News 28th December 2002
by Massimo

New beta version 0.58: is now possible to select different championships. You can also add more files team.***.
Only you need to put them into the /data folder. Then they will be available from the main menu.
Shots on goal are more powerful in function of the "shooting" parameter.
Statistics and the types of player have been translated.

News 23rd December 2002
by Massimo

New beta version 0.57: menus are now available in five languages, english, italian, french, deutsch and spanish.
National flags have been added in the team menu.
Secondary kits are available and are automatically selected (e.g. AC Milan - Bayer Leverkusen).

News 16th December 2002
by Massimo

New beta version 0.56: some buttons have been added to the team menu, two of them are currently working.
The first shows the opponent team, the second displays both teams in the tactics board, arranged in the currently selected tactics.
The kick function has been modified in order to make it faster.
Player speed is now proportional to the 'speed' parameter from the team.*** file.

News 9th December 2002
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta version 0.55: players' prices and skills have been decoded from team.*** files.
Skills are read but not applied still, prices are read and displayed by colored stars in swos style.
Colors of teams' kits have been updated, the tonality change is now smoother.
Five new colors have been added (you will see some of them in a next beta, when we will add more teams!).
Substitution bug fixed. Also fixed the visualization of players with a single name (like Ronaldo).

News 2nd December 2002
by Daniele

Don't worry, it's always the same project! I have done a little restyling: I hope you like the new version of the site, the old one was boring me ;). Most of the section in the menu at the right are working, the others will come very soon. To download the latest YSoccer beta, go in the downloads section; if you want to know more about the project, you can visit the first section if you don't know what are the purposes of YSoccer, the second for more detailed info, like progress, requisites etc. Please, an important thing, register at the forum (it's free) and help us to build the perfect Swos clone.

News 20th November 2002
by Massimo

New beta version 0.54: players swap and substitution and tactics selection available in the team menu.

News 11th November 2002
by Massimo & Daniele

New beta version 0.53: first prototype of team menu, not enabled yet. Skin/hair color have been decoded from the team file, and are now applied.

News 29th October 2002
by Massimo

New beta version 0.52: match presentation screen added with swos-like team list, which is tactics dependent. Players position has been decoded from the team file, and is now the exact one.

News 21st October 2002
by Massimo

New beta version 0.51: bounce on crossbar and posts in case of spinned shot fixed. Sound-fx and music volume controls added. The goalie throw the ball while he has it in his hands, but now for a limited time, then he can kick it. Teams presentation at the beginning of the match.

News 13th October 2002
by Massimo

New beta version 0.50: the number of frames in the replay has been improved: in other words, more frames are visible during the slow-motion than during the normal play, allowing better definition. At the same time an "advanced replay" has been introduced which allows the control of the reproduction. Shots on goal statistics added.

News 10th October 2002
by Massimo

New beta version 0.49: computer AI improved with some passing whenever a mate is found in a good position. A music loop and a few sound effects also added in the starting menu. Daniele fixed the forum which now contains sections for both italian and english-speaking people, and a real soccer board.

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