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# 100 Name: Daniel Age: 19 Nationality: Croatian
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1992/93
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s): Dinamo Zagreb
Comment: YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! Please finished the work as soon as possible, I Like to play the career!! The game really nice, I like YODA-Soccer!!!!


# 99 Name: Pie Age:   Nationality: English
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s): Nordin Wooter Favourite team(s):  
Comment: FANTASTIC! id love to see this game be made into a full game one day, hope this dream comes true


# 98 Name: Olo Age: 23 Nationality: Poland
URL:   Play SWOS since: 10
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Is YS supporting slides, headshots YET?


# 97 Name: Michal Age: 17 Nationality: Poland
URL: 25.11.1986 Play SWOS since: 1998
Favourite player(s): Larsson Favourite team(s): Widzew


# 96 Name: Frank Age: 24 Nationality: German
URL:   Play SWOS since: the beginning
Favourite player(s): Prince Polley, Hugo Maradona, Carlos Valderama Favourite team(s): Excelsior (dutch), Dynamo Dresden (ger)
Comment: make our dreams come true and let SWOS come BACK !!!! So my life will make sense again :)


# 95 Name: Pascual Age: 28 Nationality: Española
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s): Ivan Helguera Favourite team(s): Elche C.F.
Comment: Enhorabuena por el juego, pero las actualizaciones tardan mucho ¿Para cuando la liga española de 1a y 2a división?¿Y el soporte para Gamepad? Una versión para linux también sería genial. Seguid así


# 94 Name: Miltim Age: 20 Nationality: Czech
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s): Thierry Henry Favourite team(s): AC Milan
Comment: Fantastic ! You can see tear in my eye! I´m so touched! Great work!


# 93 Name: KORNIK Age: 17 Nationality: Polish
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s): Sebastian Mila Favourite team(s): Groclin Grodzisk
Comment: The game is great!!! Keep on the good work!


# 92 Name: Lollo Age: 20 Nationality: italiana
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1998
Favourite player(s): Kamara Favourite team(s): saudi arabia
Comment: ragazzi continuate così che siete grandi(pero inserite la scivolata che è fondamentale per la giocabilità


# 91 Name: Geoff Hillier Age: 39 Nationality: English
URL:   Play SWOS since: Sensi in 89
Favourite player(s): Beckham Favourite team(s): Wolves
Comment: Fantastic game. Please do a cup or league soon as that is the essence of sensi. It doesnt have to be too complex but a 2 leg knockout tournament would be great. OPromotion through the leagues would be neat too. Very impressive team stats in England Well d


# 90 Name: Mariano Ventaja Age: 19 Nationality: Argentinean
URL: Play SWOS since: 1996
Favourite player(s): Thomas Brolin Favourite team(s): River Plate
Comment: Hey, SWOS RULEZ! Nice game guys. Congratulations.


# 89 Name: Marino Age: 32 Nationality: Ita
URL:   Play SWOS since: Amiga
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Ragazzi complimenti è bellissimo !!! Però senza PAD? io con la tastiera non so giocare. Se cercate loghi delle squadre guardate qui:


# 88 Name: Firzen Age: 12 Nationality:  
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1month
Favourite player(s): Me Favourite team(s): Spain
Comment: This game is good.


# 87 Name: César Luis Castronovo Age: 27 Nationality: Argentina
URL: Play SWOS since: 1994
Favourite player(s): Andrés DAlessandro Favourite team(s): C. A. River Plate
Comment: You guys are f@ckin great!!! Yoda Soccer is all i ever wanted since Sensible Soccer... Thanx! Ciao. If you want, i can send u the River Plate & Boca Juniors teams rosters and logos... i couldnt resist the need to make them! Thanx again! César. Bue


# 86 Name: Mudi Gowayed Age: 31 Nationality: Austrian
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1991
Favourite player(s): Stefan Effenberg Favourite team(s): Bayern München
Comment: Hi! A great job what you are doing! I am a fan of SWOS for years and I wish you good luck for your project. Dont forget the career mode.


# 85 Name: Marcin Age: 20 Nationality: poland
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1993
Favourite player(s): Faustino Asprila Favourite team(s): colombia, egypt
Comment: keep up the good work , SWOS forever


# 84 Name: Gary Age: 26 Nationality: UK
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1994
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Top stuff fellas, good work - hope this grows!


# 83 Name: r5d Age: 16 Nationality: german
URL:   Play SWOS since: ?
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: your game is one of the best I ever playd. I hope you will reach final version soon! and once again, thanks for that fun while playing yoda soccer!


# 82 Name: andrea86 Age:   Nationality:  
URL:   Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: secondo me se parlate con il webmaster di e parlate delle vostre idee verrebbe un bellissimo gioco


# 81 Name: Redondo Age: 22 Nationality: German
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s): Aimar Favourite team(s): FC Schalke 04
Comment: Sensible Soccer is the Greatest Football Game in the World. And when you make a full version of Joda Soccer, I will be the first one, who buy the Game.


# 80 Name: NiM° Age: 6661 Nationality: Alien
URL: Play SWOS since: 1991 (oh yeah)
Favourite player(s): n/a Favourite team(s): n/a
Comment: I just Love it. played that game to death... great to see it back online ;) ° ----------- ---xx


# 79 Name: Mikey Age: 24 Nationality: Croatian
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1994
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Great! This game will be my best on Windows platform when full version arrives (maybe before...)


# 78 Name: KursK Age:   Nationality:  
URL:   Play SWOS since: damn long
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s): Liverpool
Comment: What about Internet play? Anyway, go ahead boys!


# 77 Name: Andrea Age: 13 Nationality: Italian
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s): Gianluigi Buffon Favourite team(s): Bologna
Comment: ITA il gioco è molto bello, complimenti! sarà ancora migliore quando metterete anche la modalità manageriale! ENG the game is really beautiful, congratulations! it will be more playable when you will insert the manager mode!


# 76 Name: Carmelo Age: 36 Nationality: Italiana
URL: Play SWOS since: 1992 (Atari, Amiga, Pc, TUTTO!)
Favourite player(s): Totti Favourite team(s): Roma
Comment: Ragazzi, tutto ciò è semplicemente fantastico!!! Sono commosso a vedere rinascere SWOS, lunico vero gioco del calcio (altro che FIFA e altra roba....) Serve una mano?


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