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# 50 Name: Toz Age: 1 Nationality: Türkiye
URL: Play SWOS since: 1992
Favourite player(s): Tulio,Vieri Favourite team(s): Galatasaray
Comment: Dont forget to add your site to Swoslist!


# 49 Name: Tiago Terraquente Age:   Nationality: Portugal
URL:   Play SWOS since: Ever...
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s): Sporting (POR)
Comment: Yoda is just what all SWOS fans were waiting for.. Togheter we can make it the best soccer game ever! Great job!


# 48 Name: Evren Age: 23 Nationality: Turkey
URL:   Play SWOS since: 10
Favourite player(s): Batistuta Favourite team(s): Juventus
Comment: Fantastico, inredible, perfect, very good news for me because Im real sensible soccer fan...good work I will help this project


# 47 Name: Matt Age: 18 Nationality: Australian
URL:   Play SWOS since: today
Favourite player(s): Thierry Henry Favourite team(s): Arsenal
Comment: hey guys, nice game, keep up the good work :)


# 46 Name: Francesco Age: 23 Nationality: Italia
URL:   Play SWOS since: 2003
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s): Inter / Reggina
Comment: non pensavo di trovare qualcun altro come me che tifasse la coppia Inter Reggina. Proprio i creatori di Yoda Soccer: comè ordinato il mondo!!!


# 45 Name: Fozzy Age: 26 Nationality: England
URL:   Play SWOS since: 93
Favourite player(s): Roy Keane Favourite team(s): Man Utd
Comment: Really enjoyed your game, you have made great steps to recreate the SWOS days, maybe soon I will be able to turn off my amiga and play your game on my PC :D


# 44 Name:   Age: born in 1982 Nationality: Italian
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Its a delicious project!!! I think you have just improve something like ball control, shot, pass; in other words, when you play yodesoccer, you should have the sensation that you are playing with sensiblesoccer!


# 43 Name: Adam Styczek Age: 18 Nationality: Poland
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s): Steve Finnan Favourite team(s): Fulham
Comment: I would like help you! I can make squads. mail:


# 42 Name: Oliver Worthington Age: 21 Nationality: British
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1993
Favourite player(s): David Backham Favourite team(s): Oxford United
Comment: WOW!!!! This is THE BEST clone ever i was getting the feeling of playing the real SWOS!!! WOW plz get in touch i have many many ideas to help out making this game.... Thanks.


# 41 Name: exodus Age: 28 Nationality: austrian
URL: Play SWOS since: 1991 (first amiga-demo)
Favourite player(s): andreas herzog, roman wallner, ryan giggs Favourite team(s): rapid vienna
Comment: well done... this game may become as good as (or even better than) swos itself... some little improvements in gameplay and ai and we have the swos-clone we have been waiting for - of course there need to be lots of options, statistics, menus etc. ... will


# 40 Name: Albiback Age: 25 Nationality: Belgian
URL: Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s): David Beckham Favourite team(s): Man Utd
Comment: I think youve done a very good job. I think you need help for the data and I will introduce you to my friend Dos Santos who can probably help you. So you can concentrate you on the playability.


# 39 Name: Coen Age: 23 Nationality: Dutch
URL: Play SWOS since: Sensible soccer came out
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Cool! Very cool. The graphics are smooth, the controls are almost as good as in SWOS. Okay.. some minor bugs, but you really did a great job!


# 38 Name: Tvson Age: 23 Nationality: English
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1993
Favourite player(s): Ronaldo & Zidane Favourite team(s): Liverpool, Barca & Real Madrid
Comment: Just downloaded the game, excellent. It makes me smile and remember the times i used to play swos years ago with a group of friends. I would be pleased to buy the game when it is finished. Please keep up the good work!!!!


# 37 Name: Chamach Age: 30 Nationality: Franch
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s): Cantona Favourite team(s): Manchester United
Comment: Thank you very much for this promising game ! Im very impressed by the point you are getting to. Keep on going the good job !


# 36 Name: Peter Schäfer Age: 25 Nationality: German
URL:   Play SWOS since: since amiga
Favourite player(s): elber from bayern munich Favourite team(s): bayern munich
Comment: nice clone, but i think its more than a clone. i studdy the source code each time you release it. maybe you can release the last one too? when it will be available for download?


# 35 Name: Andreas Age:   Nationality: german
URL:   Play SWOS since: 95?
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Hi.. I got the game yesterday and im very enthusiastic about it.. Please, If you start a kind of newsletter add my email adress. thx. Andreas


# 34 Name: Patrick Winkler Age: 20 Nationality: Italy
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1993
Favourite player(s): Totti Favourite team(s): Milan
Comment: Spero che presto sia possibile giocare un campionato o qualcosa del genere... comunque complimenti per il lavoro fatto fino ad oggi !


# 33 Name: Alex Age: 30 Nationality: Italy
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1992
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s): Juventus
Comment: Sono con voi!


# 32 Name: Andrew Haines Age: 21 Nationality: English
Sensible Soccer on Amiga
Favourite player(s): Blackburn Rovers Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Wow, this took me back - and it ran on XP! Keep up the great work! :D


# 31 Name: sarsippius Age: 31 Nationality: welsh
since it came out on amiga
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: check out swos under winuae & aiab!


# 30 Name: Ricky Age: 36 Nationality: UK
URL: Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Great Work !


# 29 Name: Lollo Age: 19 Nationality: Italia
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1998
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Gran gioco,continuate cosi


# 28 Name: SAN Age: 19 Nationality: Russian
URL: Play SWOS since: Yes
Favourite player(s): J-F Hasselbank Favourite team(s): Chelsea
Comment: SWOS & Yoda_Soccer the best of the games


# 27 Name: Snader Age: 28 Nationality: Dutch
URL:   Play SWOS
long long time ago
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s): Benfica
Comment: Great project! Keep up the good work!


# 26 Name: VrEaK Age: 11 Nationality: Auztria
URL: Play SWOS since: 1999
Favourite player(s): myself Favourite team(s): Germany
Comment: Coolezt Game on earth


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