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# 25 Name: Pedro Age: 20 Nationality: Portuguese
URL:   Play SWOS since: the beginning
Favourite player(s): Tulio Favourite team(s): Benfica
Comment: I think this a awsome idea! This game is fantastic and i was wondering why nobody followed the swos team work! This game is a guaranteed success! Hope it will be great! and above all thank u lads, cause u are making possible the dreams of many world-wid


# 24 Name: Tobi Age:   Nationality:  
URL: Play SWOS since: 1990?
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Great game - continue updating and improving it!!


# 23 Name: José S. Age: 28 Nationality: Portugais
URL:   Play SWOS
SWOS 96/97 and before Kick Off2
Favourite player(s): Raul Gonzales Favourite team(s): Milan Ac 88 Holland magic trio
Comment: Le site est très bien fait, dommage que cest en anglais. Un autre clone reconnu de SWOS cest Football Glory très bien aussi dans son genre!


# 22 Name: obi Age:   Nationality:  
URL:   Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Great game!


# 21 Name: Aki Age: 20 Nationality: GER
URL:   Play SWOS since: today
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: I love this game, but why you cant change the control keys. The keyboard b settings should be chenged: a, s, w, d. Ok I know this is jkust a beta version.


# 20 Name: Daalgo Age: 17 Nationality: Spanish
URL:   Play SWOS since: 3 weeks
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s): Real Madrid
Comment: Hi, i only wanted to say that i love sensible soccer. please keep up the very good work. !!!!!!


# 19 Name: Jan Age:   Nationality:  
URL:   Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  


# 18 Name: Max Age: 27 Nationality: italian
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1990
Favourite player(s): Rui Costa Favourite team(s): Fiorentina
Comment: keep up teh good work, it seems very promising!!!


# 17 Name: Juuso Age: 15 Nationality: Finland
URL: not working at the moment Play SWOS since: Sensible Soccer on Amiga
Favourite player(s): Jari Litmanen Favourite team(s): Ajax
Comment: You are doing a dream-come-true for every SWOS fan!! Thank you. Rhe Beta- version doesnt work on Win XP. I hope that the next version will.


# 16 Name: KoKko Age: 31 Nationality: ita
URL:   Play SWOS since: preferisco Kick Off :-(
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s): Modena
Comment: Siete grandi, ho già scaricato i codici sorgente. Provo a vedere che si può fare.


# 15 Name: Andreas Osswald Age: 23 Nationality: Germany
URL: Play SWOS since: the very beginning
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s): 1.FC Nürnberg
Comment: Hi, you guys are really doing a great job. Keep on the good work. I hope you are able to finish the game. Andreas


# 14 Name: Mathias Age: 22 Nationality: Swiss
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s): Zidane Favourite team(s): Lausanne (Switzerland)
Comment: Hi ! Swos is the biggest game because of the database. So go one with your project, because if the graphic of Swos will be better, the game will be more better ! And if Yoda Super Soccer can use the teamfile of Swos is great !


# 13 Name: jeM Age: 19 Nationality: Italy
URL:   Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Grandi continuate così!! Vorrei però chiedevervi una cosa.. perchè non fare anche il menu tipo come quello di SWOS?!? Inoltre che programma devo usare per aprire i file .256 di swos??


# 12 Name: Giovanni Age: 20 Nationality: Italy
URL: Play SWOS since: 2001
Favourite player(s): R. Baggio Favourite team(s): Sampdoria
Comment: Un progetto che merita attenzione perche si fonda sul gioco del calcio per antonomasia (peccato che io lho scoperto un po tardi :))


# 11 Name: Pitto_Renato Age: 20 Nationality: ITA
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1992
Favourite player(s): Tovalieri, Kahn Favourite team(s): Chievo
Comment: Complimenti vivissimi, state tirando fuori un piccolo capolavoro, continuate così. CIAO.


# 10 Name: kephaas Age: 24 Nationality: Italia
URL:   Play SWOS since: ;)
Favourite player(s): Gabriel Batistuta Favourite team(s): La mia squadra di calcetto, di cui Massimo fà parte :)
Comment: grande max, continua così!


# 9 Name: Daniele Age: 19 Nationality: Italy
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1993
Favourite player(s): Andrei Kanchelskis Favourite team(s): Fiorentina and Man City
Comment: X Giulio, allora iscriviti al forum e dacci una mano hehehe.E' sempre gradita.


# 8 Name: Lorenzo (lorykap) Age:   Nationality:  
URL: Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s): Davids Favourite team(s): Juve
Comment: Beh... bellino sto progettino! voglio vedere daniele soffrire dal lavoro!


# 7 Name: kumo Age: 25 Nationality: British
URL:   Play SWOS since: 1993?
Favourite player(s): Bob Taylor Favourite team(s): West Bromich Albion
Comment: From the screenshots this looks cool. I will download it now but I don't think it works under win2000. Communque sembra che e' un capo lavoro - bravi!


# 6 Name: Giulio Age: 19 Nationality: Italiana
URL:   Play SWOS since: 2001
Favourite player(s): Darko Pancev Favourite team(s): Reggina
Comment: Bravi, ma con il mio aiuto potreste fare molto meglio!!! :-))) scherzo! comunque ricordate che "Il lavoro rende liberi".


# 5 Name: Gorka Age: 17 Nationality: Polish
URL: Play SWOS since: I don't remember :)
Favourite player(s): Zbigniew Boniek :) Favourite team(s): Wis³a Kraków
Comment: Yoda Soccer is very cool and promising game, I think. It have good graphic and gameplay. But don't make identical game to Sensible Soccer. I hope that this game will have much innovations like: diverce supporter behavior and cheers, players arguments with


# 4 Name: Max Age: 20 Nationality: IT
URL:   Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Ottimo lavoro, continuate così :)


# 3 Name: Ross Mayhew Age: 17 Nationality: English
URL: Play SWOS since: 1995
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s): Torquay United
Comment: A Great Clone & also a nice page for it :)


# 2 Name: Matti Nykänen Age:   Nationality:  
URL:   Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: Looks very promising, keep up the good work!


# 1 Name: dyv Age:   Nationality:  
URL: Play SWOS since:  
Favourite player(s):   Favourite team(s):  
Comment: It's good it work on my old Pentium!!! But slowly :( Anyway - its a nice try - we are all wait a full version of Yoda!


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